10 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Malacca (Melaka)

//10 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Malacca (Melaka)

10 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Malacca (Melaka)

1. Stroll at Jonker Street

Jonker Street is Malacca’s famous shopping street and home to the iconic heritage houses as well. Jonker Street is a paradise for food. You can try some iconic food like chicken rice balls, and drinks like coconut shakes. You can stroll around the street or you can have a Melaka girl escort to accompany you.

2. Mesmerize with the Dutch Windmill Square

The Dutch Windmill Square, known as the red square, is probably the most iconic attraction in Melaka. Seeing the whole square in red is amazing and it’s a perfect opportunity for photos for your social media accounts. You need to arrive early in the morning if you want to get a photo without crowds.

3. Joy Ride with a Rickshaw

Roaming around Malacca riding a rickshaw is considered to be a wonderful experience. Melaka’s rickshaws are basically colorful tuk tuks driven by bicycles with various designs. For example, on a Hello Kitty Rickshaw or a SpongeBob Rickshaw, you can go for a ride.

4. Enjoy a Boat Ride in Malacca River

One of Melaka’s best ways to relax and see is by boat. Experiencing the sites by water costs about 15 MYR. You can also take a leisurely walk along the river. There are some really cool bars along the river to enjoy a late afternoon snack or drink.

5. Captivate with Malacca Street Art

Malacca has great and meaningful mural paintings to enjoy if you like street art. The captivating street art is a great photo opportunity. But as street art is a pretty popular spot for snap takers, you will need to go early.

6. Tour the St. Paul’s Church

St Paul’s Church is a must-see spot in Melaka. This church has a long history–the Portuguese, Dutch and then the English used to store artillery. The church’s architecture is truly amazing with an open top roof.

7. Study the Past in Melaka Palace

Melaka Palace is right next to St. Paul’s Church. In fact, this’ palace’ is a museum that is a modern reconstruction of the Melaka Sultanate palace.

8. Know History in A Famosa

The A Famosa is located in the same vicinity as St Paul’s Church and the Melaka Palace. At the base of St Paul’s Church you will find this little ruin. Ironically, it used to be a Portuguese castle and is South East Asia’s oldest surviving Western architectural monument.

9. Understand Religion in Floating Mosque

One of the reasons we were excited to visit Melaka was the Floating Mosque, a magnificent mosque on the man-made island of Melaka. The Floating Mosque is only 20 minutes away from the old town.

10.Cuddle and Pet Dogs at Huskitory

To all dog lovers, here’s a place for you in Malacca. The Huskitory costs 20 MYR with adorable huskies for 45 minutes of play. You can also buy additional therapies to support the friendly family if you wish.

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