15 Best Sex Tips for Men

//15 Best Sex Tips for Men

15 Best Sex Tips for Men

1. Self-care exercise.

Care well for your weapon. Penile damage is typically caused by accidental contact while the partner is on top or when the penis buckles. Sometimes male enhancement pills can do a thing but when things get out of hand, ask your partner to make things easier. When you suspect a penile fracture because of a suspected ‘fall’ followed by swelling, see a urologist right away.

2. Do it with Love

Make love with that special someone and not just having sex with a stranger. Touching is important too, be intimate with your partner by touching her on a daily basis with love and affection. Kiss every day, and don’t be afraid to reciprocate with her.

3. Eat Healthy

No – it’s not an advice you do on actual intercourse but managing the body properly with good nutrition benefits the entire body, including the libido. Eat healthy cholesterol-reducing diets and keep the cardiovascular system running. This will guarantee the ‘the part down there’ optimum output in circulation.

4. Talk Sexy

It’s quick to get into a rut as time passes in a relationship and just go through the motions instead of voicing what you really want and need in bed. Sex therapists suggests that with some frank talk it’s time to break this loop. Ask yourself, “What do I need from you in bed?”

5. Be Active

Few things will get you ready to please women like getting into regular exercise every day. It will boost self-esteem, self-image, and libido even as little as 15 minutes of daily exercise. Exercise makes sex more attractive in the physical aspects. In addition, making a habit of exercise promotes cardiovascular health that is required for normal erectile function.

6. Exercise Together

When workout is good, it’s an even better sex trick to exercise with your partner. Exercising together means that there are up to both libidos and endorphins. Take it to the next level since you’re both already sweating. It’s also a good idea to move around. Do your duties in the kitchen. Do the household chores together so your wife will not be exhausted with errands around the house.

7. Abstain a Little to Add Spice

Abstinence as a guide for sex? Believe it or not, making your next meeting with your lover even more enjoyable is a surefire way to improve intimacy. For a few days, a day, or a week, observe abstinence, it helps create the desire of grabbing the temptation.

8. Design a Sex Plan

It may not sound that sweet, but changing your sex life and pleasing women is a great way. It is very important to set aside time or arrange opportunities for sex, particularly for busy couples or those with children. Do not allow the frequency of sex to decrease because of exhaustion or the inability to find the ‘right time’.

9. Use the Modern Technology

Would you like to have her in the mood for sex later that night while you’re in the office? Use your cell or e-mail address. Write her hot texts all day long to keep the fire burning.

10. Praise her Body

Would you like to have a foolproof way of driving her crazy and changing sex? Choose a particular attribute and convince her she’s the best in this field.

11. Take it Slow

People like to get excited about having better sex, but women are more likely to get into the mood by relaxing. Wash her hair in the tub or rub her scalp to calm her, before she is ready to receive, a woman needs to relax.

12. Do Foreplay

Don’t spend less time on foreplay, no matter how long you’ve been together as a couple. Foreplay significantly leads to enhanced orgasms and sex, gearing up your autonomous nervous system will increase your orgasm’s responsiveness, anticipation and intensity. You’ll pay dividends for your diligence and commitment.

13. Allow Her to Take the Lead

Men take the lead in bed so often. Sometimes, letting her be in control is the secret to better sex. Do not be afraid to let your mate lead, let your mate encourage sexual pleasure on occasions and take the top spot.

14. Keep it Smooth

There is no embarrassment in using lubricant to please us. There is a notion with some guys that if you didn’t make it smooth and wet, the man is not turning his partner on – this is wrong. Occasionally, whether it’s fatigue, certain days of the month, or tiredness, sometimes when they’re emotionally in the game, people can have a hard time getting physically motivated. Lubricant is your new best friend in the bedside drawer.

15. Turn Things Up

When you witness a “same-old, same-old” scenario, the trick to better sex is to focus on incorporating a little variation. By planning and debating twists on your normal sexual habits, spice things up, intimacy and ecstasy can be improved by lingerie, dolls, new positions, and other imaginative innovations.

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