6 Big Blogging Mistakes Committed by Bloggers

//6 Big Blogging Mistakes Committed by Bloggers

6 Big Blogging Mistakes Committed by Bloggers

1. Having no blogging goals

Blogging goals are the starting point of every blogging career. Set realistic goals even before you publish your first ever post. Even if you are only blogging part-time, goals are required. These will help you to stay consistent and motivated.

2. Not using compelling images

Blogs are mainly popular for written content. Are you one of those bloggers who are guilty of posting 100% written content on your pages? Several people love seeing beautiful images on social media profiles and blogs. Visual stimulation will help readers become more engaged.

3. Not using Google Analytics

Blogging is not only about posting content. It’s also crucial to monitor your blog performance. You must use Google Analytics to monitor audience demographics, statistics, total sessions, high peak times, page views and more. This will help you check which ones are the best-performing content, and other details that will help you make some adjustments.

4. Depending on a free hosting service

Learning how to make a blog in Malaysia requires overwhelming work. Several blogging has been working on their platform for years without knowing the importance of a good hosting service. Feel free to start with a free hosting service, but soon, you must move to a more reliable hosting platform to make room for progress and more features.

5. Using slow-performing themes

Don’t use a low-performance theme on your blog. Even if you are self-hosted, you must use a fast, reliable and professional theme. Many bloggers fail to realize that using poor themes will make web pages appear irresponsive, and deliver bad user experience.

6. Using hard-to-read fonts

Do you love using fancy fonts on your website? Well, they may look beautiful, but your content will be difficult to read. These kinds of fonts will drive away readers from your pages. Just use simple yet remarkable font styles.

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