6 Tips for New Moms: Surviving the First Few Weeks

//6 Tips for New Moms: Surviving the First Few Weeks

6 Tips for New Moms: Surviving the First Few Weeks

After I gave birth to my second child, I thought to myself that I can handle this since this is not the first time, but was I so mistaken. Treat every child as different in terms of temperament and the circumstances you are going to be in.

But, having given birth to two precious little ones, I can confidently give tips for mothers who are going to go through it the first time.

One thing I can suggest right off the bat is that you delegate all of the strenuous stuff to your husband. This includes all of the major housework, installing a baby car seat, among other similar things.

With that out of the way, here are some tips for new moms to help them survive the first few weeks:

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for Help

As a new mother, you will always need any help that you can get. I actually learned this when I visited some of my friends who were first-time mothers. When you visit them, you want to make sure that you help them in any way possible. Little did I know that this inclination to help seems natural for all people who are going to visit new mothers.

That being said, people are genuinely generous when it comes to extending help. The problem is that they do not exactly know what you need. So, if you need any help- anything at all- do not hesitate to voice it out.

Establish a Routine

Believe it or not, babies actually follow a routine and they establish it quite early in their life. To help keep you sane, especially when we are talking about getting some rest, then you need to be building your own routine as well.

This means that you have to take into account the feeding, playing, and sleeping times and as much as possible, stick to any routine that you’ve made with your baby.

Always Eat Healthy Foods

What you eat can have a profound impact on the quality of milk that you produce. So, when you are a new mother, always be mindful of what you eat because it not only affects you, but it can also affect your little one as well.

That being said, since you are mostly going to hold your baby with one arm leaving the other arm free to do anything, you’d want to eat healthy foods that you can easily reach for. For instance, you can eat carrots, almonds, low-sugar granola, or just about anything that is easy for you to eat while you are holding your baby.

Remember, nutritious foods are always a must, especially if you want to keep your baby as healthy as they can be.

Breastfeeding Need NOT Be Painful

A lot of new mothers believe that breastfeeding is always going to be painful, but this is not exactly the case. The main reason why the whole endeavor is painful is that your baby didn’t get a good latch on your breasts.

Make sure that you clean the areola (the brown area around the nipple) of the breast before you feed your baby. You also want to put them in an orientation where your nipples are not visibly seen and that they kind of meshed with your breast.

If proper latching is hard for you to do, do not worry. You can get advice from a lactation consultant.

Don’t Get Jealous with Other Parents

You could say that I am a competitive person and as much as possible, I would like to win in every situation I am in. However, this kind of attitude does not bode well for mothers since rearing a child is not a race nor a competition.

I and my best friend actually got pregnant at nearly the same time and because of that, we would usually compare results. I would feel sad or down whenever I hear that her baby gained more weight than mine and that her husband is more hands-on compared to mine.

Comparisons in itself is already a bad thing. Do not be jealous of what others have achieved and just focus on your baby. Give them the best love, care, and attention in the world and you will get the results that you deserve.

This Will Pass

There are a lot of things that you can do before that you cannot do immediately after giving birth. I am more of an active person in that I always join marathons whenever I can.

I thought that I can get back to my competitive form within a couple of months, but that just wasn’t possible. I know that feeling weak and depressed is normal, but know that this is just a small part of your life.

If you are feeling that way, take solace in the fact that this, too, shall pass.

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