6 Ways to Measure the Success of Your Event

//6 Ways to Measure the Success of Your Event

6 Ways to Measure the Success of Your Event

How can you measure the success of your special event? The number of tickets you sold is one factor, but there are other multiple ways.

1. Sales Numbers

Event agency believes that it’s important to check the sales numbers weeks after the event. Check if there is an uptick in the numbers. Who are making the purchases? Are they repeat customers, or first-time customers? Numbers are essential, but also the details surrounding the target audience.

2. Incorporate an Event App

Are you familiar with event mobile applications? If you want to make your life easier, make sure to do some research. This is crucial in streamlining your attendees and your workflow. Especially designed for event planners, these apps let you customize your own occasion.

3. Track Your Social Media Activity

Utilize the power of social media to track success of your event. It is crucial to be active on various social media platforms weeks before the occasion. By posting intriguing content, potential guests would excitedly talk about it on their profiles. Did they use hashtags? Are your followers more active now than before? Read their posts, and read their comments, whether it be positive or negative.

4. Post-Event Surveys

You should know how your attendees felt about your occasion. How? The easiest way to do this is to conduct a post-event survey. Through a detailed questionnaire, you will have an idea about the entire perception of your audience. You will be able to determine your weak points.

5. Measure Revenue versus Overhead Cost

Are you organizing a corporate event? If yes, then I suppose your purpose is to strengthen your branding and gain more customers. A corporate event is also an effective avenue towards additional revenue. However, to gain profit, you need to invest money. Make sure to review the overhead costs and revenue to check how much you have gained.

6. Sponsor Recognition

Your sponsors are the very backbone of your special occasion. Why? Simply because they the ones funding the project. Do you think they are pleased with the flow of events? It is important to gauge your sponsors’ impressions. Instead of sending them an online survey, you can set a virtual meeting through Skype.

Be open to your sponsors’ constructive criticisms. Take note of all their recommendations and apply it to your next event.

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