8 E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

//8 E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

8 E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

So you know how to create your own online shop by going to Google and searching for how to build an online store. So, you’ve established your own venture and that is well and good, but the hardest part of the entire process of earning is still upcoming.

You see, you not only have to drive more people to your online store, but you will also have to make sure that they ‘convert’ as well.

Conversion is basically the term being used for people who go to an online shop and ultimately buying what is being offered to them. So, how exactly do you improve your store’s conversion rates? Here are some ways you can optimize that.

Provide Free Shipping

One of the reasons why people buy stuff online is convenience. That being said, with so many online stores out there, one way to really stand out is if you provide free shipping.

According to Amazon, one of the best online stores out there, if you cannot provide free shipping, your customers will go elsewhere, period.

That is a pretty strong and true statement coming from one of the world’s best so you have to heed the wise words. If you can give free shipping to your customers, that alone could increase your conversion rates.

Always Use High-Quality Videos and Images

One of the problems with online shopping is the fact that you cannot physically interact with the things that you want to buy. For this reason, you want to make sure that you upload high-quality video content on your product pages.

Videos will always be so much better due to the fact that your customers will know how it actually looks like. If that is not possible, then providing them with images will do- just so long as you take multiple shots highlighting different angles of the product itself.

Give Limited-Time Coupons

Another great way to entice people to buy from you is if you give them some limited-time coupons. These coupons can do a lot of things- from giving them some discounts or giving them a freebie, or whatever you can think of.

Having this time component is crucial because it instills a sense of urgency that will make them push through with their purchase.

Price Your Stuff Competitively

Because you have so many competitors, you want to price your stuff competitively. By giving the best prices to your consumers, they will no doubt checkout with their carts full.

Streamline the Checkout Process

If your checkout process is long and tedious, then you can expect your customers to leave their carts automatically.

You have to test your checkout process to see if it is actually streamlined. If the process is quite easy, you can expect increased revenue because people are given the convenience to buy stuff without having to contend with a lot of menus and popups.

Use Cart-Abandonment Software

Cart abandonment is where people put items in their carts but will not make the purchase. If you want to increase your conversion rates, you can use a cart-abandonment software that will automatically send an email to people who doesn’t checkout.

Help Your Customers Feel Secure

Because people spend money when shopping online, you have to make them feel safe in order for them to feel okay spending their hard-earned cash.

There are certainly some ways you can do this. First, you have to install SSL and put some images of the different payment options they can choose from (such as Paypal and other major credit cards).

Let Your Users Know What They’ve Put in the Cart

The beauty of online shopping is that you can get as many items as you want among the sea of different things they can buy. Of course, you can expect people to put as many things as they want in their digital carts.

Providing them the avenue to peek into their carts will allow them to make the purchase, simply because they are able to know exactly what they’ve gotten for themselves so far.

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