A Basic Introduction to the Things That Makes the Web Work

//A Basic Introduction to the Things That Makes the Web Work

A Basic Introduction to the Things That Makes the Web Work


What usually comes to your mind whenever you hear the word, “web”? If you think of that sticky white thing that spiders conjure up, you’re actually not wrong. However, the website design can also be used to refer to something else as well.

The internet can also be called as the Web and it got its name due to the fact that computers from all over the world can talk to each other, thus making an interconnected web of connections.

Simply put, you just need to have a working internet connection for you to be connected to the vast resource that is known as the web.

What are Server Programs?

Also known as the Server Software, these things are specifically made to cater to the demands of the general public. The server is just a computer wherein it hosts some of the websites that you might visit on a regular basis.

Whenever you access a particular website, it sends a request to the host server before you can access the page and once you do gain access, the contents of the webpage you’re trying to visit will then be displayed on your computer or smartphone’s screen.

How Does One Access a Website?

One can actually access a website simply by inputting the correct URL in the browser of your choosing. Suppose that you want to search for something on Google, all you have to do is type the company’s own URL on an internet browser and after you click the “Enter” key, you will then be directed to Google’s powerful search engine.

A person can also access a website whenever they use a search engine to search for things using some keywords. For instance, if you search something like, “how to lose weight?”, Google will then give you a list of websites that you can visit to find the information that you need.

What is a Domain?

When you actually want to create a website of your own, you will be asked to secure a domain name. Why is important for you to get such a thing?

Well, the reason why you want to get your own domain is so that people can actually visit your website.

You see, the internet is a vast web of computers and the only way for a website to differentiate itself from others is via domain or domain names.

Once you register your domain, it will be yours for the number of years you want to get a hold of it. You can actually get a domain for free, but these services are frowned upon given how vulnerable they are to certain attacks.

Why Does It Cost Money to Register a Domain?

If you wish to get a premium domain, meaning, that you have a unique and exclusive space on the internet, it will cost you some money. Why do you have to pay for such a privilege?

Well, the answer is simple. Every year, the “address book” of all the domains that are available on the web would need to be updated and that update requires a bit of a cost to upkeep.

Depending on the host, you’re going to have to spend at least $10 upward every year should you wish to remain online.

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