A Short Guide in Optimizing Content for SEO

//A Short Guide in Optimizing Content for SEO

A Short Guide in Optimizing Content for SEO

Step #1: Merge your SEO strategy with your content strategy.

Many content marketers wait until the end of their content creation process to bring in search engine optimization as a reliable promotional tool. What they do is, look at the kind of content they just created, and then plug in some links and keywords. However, an efficient content marketing strategy would begin with user intent and keyword research. Use your readers’ language, and then deliver the information they are searching for.

Step #2: Design great content.

Great user experience is good search engine optimization. When people are engaged, they digest more web content, interact more with it, and then share it. From layout details to the structure, see to it that you are designing quality content. It must be relevant, informative, entertaining, inspiring and trustworthy. Keep your target audience in mind while writing it.

Step #3: Create the correct type of content.

Grammar is not only a ranking signal, it is also a credibility and user experience concern. Linking to other authoritative websites and citing sources is also a great technique. Outbound links show Google and other search engines that you are credible, and that you are connecting with the right crowd. Do you think you need further help when it comes to content creation? There are many local SEO services in Malaysia that can help you out.

Step #4: Check your keyword usage.

Examine how your keywords is being utilized in your web content. Remember, insert keywords strategically, and never engage with keyword stuffing.

High-quality content is:

1. Not completely stuffed with the primary keyword.
2. Uses keywords and its variants naturally. Never overthink it.
3. Uses abbreviations, synonyms, abbreviations and plurals just like in usual conversations.
4. Natural keyword use in titles.
5. Natural use of keywords in URLs.

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