Common Baby Bathing Mistakes You’re Probably Doing and How to Correct Them

//Common Baby Bathing Mistakes You’re Probably Doing and How to Correct Them

Common Baby Bathing Mistakes You’re Probably Doing and How to Correct Them

If you are going to take your newborn to their first ever baby bath, you’re probably doing some things that you shouldn’t in the first place. If you have learned some skills and tips from taking up newborn care classes, then good for you! However, the vast majority of parents out there do not have access to such programs and would have to rely on tips that are taken from various sources for help.

Fortunately, this article will provide any first-time parent with the proper care and instructions they have to know if they are going to bathe their babies for the very first time.

1. You Take Your Baby for a Bath Way Too Soon

We all want to make sure that our babies are well taken care of and one of the ways we can do that is to provide them with some much-needed bath.

Unfortunately, most parents rush to bathe their children often and they wash off this waxy and creamy white stuff called Vernix. Even though it may not look appealing to your baby, it actually has some benefit if you do not wash them off too quickly. That is because it gives nourishment to their skin.

According to Dr. Ari Brown, M.D., you should delay their first bath for 6 hours or so after they are born.

2. You Bathe Them Too Often

New and first-time parents would often bathe their children every day. This is actually quite detrimental to them since they may get irritated and you may wash away essential components from your baby’s growing body.

According to Dr. Brown, just bathe your children about once or twice a week since they are relatively clean anyway. Although, you may want to give them a quick wash, especially after they have experienced diarrhea or a diaper blowout.

3. You Often Use Different Products

There are plenty of baby products out there and you might use all of them believing that they can all be good for your children. The truth is actually the contrary.

You see, although children need some baby products to help them get cleaned, you do not really need a lot of them. In fact, you just need to have a cleanser and moisturizer ready and that’s it.

4. Your Baby’s Bath is Too Hot (or Too Cold)

Your baby requires just the right bath temperature in order for them to even want to stay in the tub. The ideal temperature would be a solid 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, make sure that you do not make the temperature too hot or too cold.

5. You Fear Touching the Belly Button Stump

Many inexperienced parents wait for a long time for the belly button stump to just fall off on its own, but Dr. Brown suggests that you slowly remove the stump and then just wipe the goo that’s oozing out.

Use some cotton buds and put a little bit of rubbing alcohol on it (or even just plain water) to help clean it.

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