Investing on a Luxury Watch

//Investing on a Luxury Watch

Investing on a Luxury Watch


Watches tell time through three basic ways.

a. Digital watches tell time with the help of small batteries.
b. Quartz watches are analog pieces which are powered by a vibrating, tiny and electrified quartz crystal.
c. Mechanical timepieces are powered by a vast range of springs and gears. These watches are expensive because it is a product of superior craftsmanship. It is considered as the best and most sophisticated movement.


Buying women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia is not as easy as purchasing groceries. One of the most important things you must consider is the size of your wrist. If you have a huge wrist, look for stronger, bigger watch faces. A watch face that is too slim or small can make it look delicate, formal and dainty for casual wear.


We all want to get a timepiece that is versatile enough for any situation or outfit. When it comes to casual watches, get a classic, minimal design. Go for a watch model that won’t clash with your outfits. Research on neutral-colored faces with limited watch complications and easy to read. A lot of people also go with simple crowns and straps.

Value Retention

Not all watches are huge financial investments. While it’s possible to buy timepieces that can improve or retain in value, that is not always the case. Watches are like cars. Their value depreciate after you purchase them. The depreciation rate depends on various factors. The best way to check its real value is to browse at pre-owned models online.


Don’t spend beyond your means. If you are operating on a big budget, that is good, but if you are not, just settle for cheaper alternatives. Manage your expectations, and just save that big purchase later on. The number one thing you should look for is value for money.

Japanese Watch Movements

If you are in the market for a new mechanical watch, check out Japanese watch movements. Research on Japanese watch brands such as Orient, Citizen or Seiko. Of course, when it comes to quality, we are not just dealing with movements. You also need to focus on straps, dials and cases. When it comes to these details, Japanese watches are sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

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