Some Entry-Level Jobs that Are Available to Architecture Degree Holders

//Some Entry-Level Jobs that Are Available to Architecture Degree Holders

Some Entry-Level Jobs that Are Available to Architecture Degree Holders

Let’s consider that you’ve gotten your degree in architecture. That is great! However, what job are you going to pursue having that degree? Well, there are actually some options that you can take.

First of all, you can become an architect. You will usually work in architecture firms in Malaysia and other countries, but you can also act as an independent architect if you want.

If you want to know some other entry-level jobs, then do read the rest of the article to find out what they are.

Assistant City Planner

As an assistant city planner, you will be assisting your city government in the sense that you will help them determine the best use of the city’s land and resources.

Part of your job description is to gather the sentiments of your immediate community, as well as drafting legislations, preparing reports, helping construct new public housing, while also ensuring the conservation of the environment.

Project Architect

The main task of a project architect would be to ensure that the building project is actually completed on time and as per the specifications that are set by their clients.

You will also be tasked to communicate with the different stakeholders, as well as providing the client with budget and time estimates.

Assistant Urban Designer

Since a lot of people are going to urban areas now, the need for urban planning is necessary. If you are passionate about the field, then you can start as an assistant urban designer.

You can either have a job in the public or private sector and once you get the job, you will then be exposed to a number of responsibilities, including renovating or expanding a facility to adhere to modern standards, surveying a piece of land, developing the means for public transportation, among others.

Junior Architectural Designer

This is another perfect job for people who just got their license and architecture degree. Your job responsibility will include ensuring the feasibility of existing building designs through the use of a computer software (such as CAD) and you might be assigned to work on the different aspects of the design (in coordination with a principal architect).

Graphic Designer

Although you will learn a lot of things about creating designs for buildings and infrastructure, the things that you will learn from the course can actually help you land jobs in other areas as well.

A sizable portion of architecture graduates every year pursue a career in graphic design. They will usually help an advertiser, making tarpaulins and other aesthetic materials for use in a public relations firm or a small business entity to help convey their company’s message to the public.

Residential Architect

As a residential architect, your main focus would be to specialize in creating designs for buildings, specifically used as residential properties.

Because the needs of residential properties are different from that of commercial buildings, you are given more freedom and flexibility, especially if that is something that the client wants you to do.
You can either work on your own or in an architecture firm.

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