Web Design 101: Why Does UX in Design Matter?

//Web Design 101: Why Does UX in Design Matter?

Web Design 101: Why Does UX in Design Matter?

How well do you understand the concept of user experience in website design? This is, in fact, an aspect that is often overlooked in website design. A clear path in web navigation is surely a part of user experience. But, is that it? No. You also need to understand customer personas, sales processes and the current pain points of your website.

User experience in website design is therefore a discovery and implementation process which covers information architecture, sales funnels and relevant experiences for users.

p class=”pbody”>Information Gathering

It all starts with an information gathering. This initial stage involves interviewing sales representatives, and previous customers or clients who went through the selection process of purchasing the offerings.

How can you understand the motives of your customers? Interview them. Through this, you will be able to segment your customers into various buyer personas, so you can create more specific content for them.

p class=”pbody”>Information Architecture

After all the preliminary information gathering is over, the user experience professional can create a wireframe and sitemap based on the collected data. Then, as a website owner or a web design agency, you need to build new pages, or consolidate existing ones.

p class=”pbody”>Web Design, Development, and Copy

Done creating information architecture and wireframes? Then, the UX professional can guide the copywriter and designer so the proper use of data and research can be carried out throughout the final stages.

Why not utilize a reliable marketing automation software such as HubSpot? Through this, you can create a website that opens various opportunities for more segmentation.

User experience will always be intertwined with design, sales and marketing. If a business and brand fails to address this at the initial stages of the project, you wouldn’t get good results.

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