Why It is Important to Get Your Own Domain Name

//Why It is Important to Get Your Own Domain Name

Why It is Important to Get Your Own Domain Name

When you create your website, you will always be hard-pressed to think about a domain name. Normally, you would follow this advice, but why did you ever stop to question why you need to do this?
Creating a domain name is only possible with a paid hosting service. Although there are free web hosting services out there, you typically do not have the power to change your domain name and those that will give you the freedom to do that are typically running on congested servers, thus impairing your website’s performance across the board.
So, if you are going to change your own domain name, you should get a top hosting company for that. Back to my original query, why is there a need for you to change your own domain name?
For you to understand what I am about to say, it is important for you to know what a domain name actually is. Well, think of your domain as your internet address. Truth be told, all websites are actually run by using IP addresses.
Google’s IP address, for example, is Although you can certainly access the said webpage using that address, most people do not want to go through the hassle of memorizing the specific IP addresses of their favorite websites.
For most internet users, it would be best to just type the name of a specific website and be done with it, which is why getting your own domain name is a must.

Why Creating Your Own Domain Name is Important?

Aside from the fact that visiting a webpage using a domain name is so much easier than using the IP address of your website, it also bodes well for you and your audience as well.
You see, even if you create your own domain name beforehand and should you decide to change hosting providers in the future, the transition would make it so that you will still be able to use the domain name that you’ve set before. The transition process may take days or weeks, but you are assured that you are still going to retain the same name for your webpage as well, which is something that is definitely handy for most webmasters.
Aside from that, another important reason why you want to change your domain name is so that you can carve your own path in the online world. Let me ask you a question: do you have a favorite mall?
I bet that you do have one and you will typically remember it by its name, right? If you ride the cab, you will usually state the name of the mall for the driver to take you there.
Well, your domain name is basically something that your audience will use to remember your website. Aside from making it more convenient to type in as opposed to using IP addresses, domain names will make it equally convenient for your audience to remember everything that you have to offer just based off of the unique name that you have registered a long time ago.

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